1. What other type of fruits can be processed into a juice by the Oran-go Business cart and Business Starter Kits?
Ans:    The Oran-go Business cart and Business Starter Kits are primarily designed for orange juice and pomegranates.
2. Can the bottles be reused?
Ans:    No, all oran-go business owners are mandated to use only newly purchased bottles to ensure that a good standard of hygiene is maintained.
3.  Why are there no branded labels on the produced Oran-go bottled juice?
Ans: This is to ensure that the bottled juice from the Oran-go micro agribusiness will not be adulterated. This will ensure that fraudulent people do not start producing and selling adulterated (fake) oran-go juice using the oran-go brand as a cover.  To ensure you buy fresh oran-go orange juice, always buy orange juice products from an Oran-go micro agribusiness push cart retail point.
4. What is the timeline for delivery after payment?
Ans:  The timeline for delivery after payment is no longer than 15 working days for the Oran-go Business cart. If  the Oran-go business cart is available, the product will be shipped within 48hours; if the products are not available then the prospective buyers will pay a deposit of 50% and the product will be delivered within 15 working days.  All other Oran-go products are shipped within 24 hrs.
5. How long can the produced orange juice last?
Ans:  The orange juice should be consumed within 24hours when stored in a refrigerator with uninterrupted power supply. However, it can be preserved for a month in the freezer without uninterrupted power supply (this is not advised in developing countries due to erratic electrical power supply).
6. How many Oranges can the Oran-go business cart carry?
Ans: The oran-go business cart can carry up to 800 oranges depending on the size of the oranges.
7. How do I prevent my workers from defrauding me?
Ans: To reduce fraud to the barest minimum possible we have developed a simple user friendly business management package which includes a fraud detection and prevention module.  This package is available on request from our customer support.
8.  What is the durability of the customized Orange Juice Extractor and orange peeler?
Ans: The customized orange Juice extractor is specifically designed for the Oran-go business cart and business starter kit. This juice extractor is capable of juicing 700 oranges every day for 5 years before any parts replacement. The orange peeler will operate for 1 year before any need for parts replacement. It should be noted that these equipments must be properly handled and maintained to prevent damage or malfunction due to human error.
9. Can I fabricate my own oran-go business  cart?
Ans: No, the oran-go business  cart is  protected by a Patent issued by the Federal Republic of Nigeria and as such it can only be fabricated by the manufacturers who own the patent for the invention. Violators of this patent will be prosecuted according to the relevant intellectual property laws.
10.  Are oranges available for purchase all through the year in Nigeria?
Ans:  Yes, oranges are available for purchase everyday all over Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the largest producers of oranges in Africa and the 9th largest producer in the world. There are different types of orange fruit species grown in Nigeria ( Valencia, Hamlin, Ibadan sweet, Agege Parson brown, Nigerian green orange, Washington navel). This different orange species have different flowering and ripening season that overlap and this ensures that we have orange fruits available throughout the year.
12. Will the Oran-go Business  cart and Business starter kit be available for purchase on Hire Purchase?
Ans: No, the Oran-go Micro Agribusiness Push Cart is not available for purchase on Hire Purchase from the manufacturers.
13. Can I re-brand my Oran-go Business cart or Oran-go Business Starter kit?
Ans: Yes you can re-brand your Oran-go business cart or Oran-go business starter kit, however you will not be able to use any of our free branded materials.

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